Talking about Hottest adventure destinations for 2007

What will the hot adventure destinations be for 2007?

The editors of  National Geographic Adventure named six standout spots for the new year in the magazine’s December-January issue.

They are:
-Morocco, where you can hike the High Atlas Mountains and stay in trekking lodges like Kasbah du Toubkal.

-Puerto Rico, where you can hike the El Yunque rain forest, kayak the bioluminescent bay in Vieques, and lie on the empty beaches at Mona Island, all in a weekend getaway. With new regulations going into effect in January requiring passports for visits to the Caribbean, National Geographic Adventure says that Puerto Rico becomes an even more attractive destination. As a U.S. territory, American citizens can go there without a passport.

-Brazil, where access to the Amazon has never been easier. TAM Airlines recently launched daily service between Miami and Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazonas state. From Manaus, you can take riverboat and lodge-based trips into the jungle. The new flight cuts six hours of total travel time from the trip from North America to the region.

-Canada, where the Arctic beckons. Options include an 11-day fly-in canoe trip to the Barren Lands among grizzlies and caribou with Canoe Arctic,, or an expedition to the granite monoliths of Baffin Island’s Auyuttuq National Park with Black Feather,

-South Africa’s Karoo Region, which has recently exploded with high-end lodges and game reserves, including the Samara Private Game Reserve. The magazine describes the landscape as Arizona with zebras.

-China’s Southwest, home to the Himalayas and Tibet. Try the new train between Beijing and Lhasa before all the other tourists get there.


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