Siddha Medicine


The Siddhars were the greatest spiritual scientists on those days, they were the seekers of truth. “SIDDU”means “knowledge or wisdom” and “SIDDHI” means attainment of perfection. One who had attained perfection in life are called Siddhars. They possessed tremendous intellectual powers in themselves and could sustain their bodies for ages. They had thoroughly studied all kinds of plants, minerals, metals and other poisonous drugs and their physical and chemical properties. They are divinely persons, follower of Siva cult they experts on Alchemy, Yoga and the science of Elixir and also in the field of literature, philosophy, astrology etc. They held that the body is the only instrument with which one could attain success in spiritual evolution and thereby get rid of diseases, decay and death. By rousing the Kundalini (serpent power) lying dormant at the base of the spinal column in the region of the sacral plexus, they attained eternal bliss and supernatural powers.

     Mainly there are 18 Siddhars. There is a controversy on who formed the group of Moola Varga Siddhars. Apart from this there are classification as Navarathna Siddhars, Navakodi Siddhars etc. According to Maruthuva Vatha Yoga Sasthra, the eighteen Siddhars are – Thirumoolar, Ramadevar, Kumbamuni or Agasthiyar, Konkanavar, Kamalamuni, Chattaimuni, Karuvurar, Sundaranandhar, Valmeegar, Nandhi Devar, Pambatti, Boha Nathar, Machamuni, Korakkar, Patanjali, Dhanwanthri, Kuthambai, Idaikadar.

  • Agasthiyar is considered to be the Father of Siddha System of Medicine.

  • Thirumoolar is the Father of Mystics.

  • Dhanwanthri is considered as one among the eighteen Siddhars

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